Sunday, September 6, 2009

in order of importance

blake watson richards. or as i like to call him, richard. my play mate. my lover. my best friend.

this summer, i went to visit him in Boise. it was sort of a gongshow figuring out my travel plans. I was stressed because i felt like i should be home getting ready for school and applying for byu and other 'important' things, and blake felt like we should spend as much time together as we could before i started school back home and was tied down with those commitments.

school five days a week + a boyfriend that lives 12 hours away + no incoming funds all summer = many phone calls, not enough time together, and no xoxo's!

so that was my struggle. stay only one week in boise and be 110% prepared for school? sounded like a good idea to me at the time. but this is something you should know about me that I have recently discovered:
often, I think of an idea out of the blue. and i think its a REALLY REALLY good idea for about a week. and then it hits me.. that my idea was horrible and not logical in any sense of the word and ridicuous.

so that's how it was with the boise trip. one day it hit me- be with blake while you can! school schmool! so i told blake to go ahead and book my flight home and to count on me staying for 3 wonderful weeks!

i love being with blake. i love rafting with blake, eating pita pit, skiing with blake, going to Xav, jumping in the fountain downtown fully clothed, going to the state fair and blake getting sick (not me!), running errands with blake (i even enjoyed when we went to the bank.), mowing with blake, and going to the doctor with blake! i can't get enough of him! i miss him and can't wait until october 13th when he comes to visit for an entire month.

thank you blake! thanks for being the best ever. thanks for being there for me and being patient with me. thanks for trying to understand where i'm coming from and trying to make me happy, even when i make it reaaaally hard. thanks for sticking through this with me. we've been thrown a few curve balls but i know we can get past anything. you are amazing and also very handsome. see you in 37 days!


amy said...

i like this post. and the new blog. but not the fact that I don't get to join in on the month long playtime. come visit me?

jezebel said...

visit you where? calgary or edmonton? we already decided we were taking a road trip one weekend cause there is nothing to do in SoAb! and i know blake would love the waterpark at West Ed. anyways more details on that to come!

Erin Jane said...

so can i design your wedding invitation? haha? not joking? or am i?

jezebel said...

actually jane i would love that. seriously. HAHA. wait. joke? no joke? hilarious. HA HA.