Tuesday, October 6, 2009

better than hump day.

why i love tuesday, october 6, 2009:

1. my car battery died when I left the headlights on. consider it my initiation into the wintertime darkness.
- BUT my dad came and jumped me and gave me an excuse to drive around for a while and not do homework.

2. two 2 hour labs, back to back, 8 AM to noon.
- BUT they were fun and informative... identifying conifers and minerals? who doesn't love that?! (seriously.)

3. tried to find Blake a birthday present. what do you buy a man that has everything? I'M SERIOUS ON THIS TOO. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS?
- BUT, of course, kinda got distracted and bought myself new jeans and some new T's. BUT i justified it because none of my other pants fit! look at me go!

4. got home later than usual from school.
- BUT got to eat dinner with the fam and watch biggest loser... perfect timing really.

so I didn't get blake a birthday present, I have homework up to my cute button nose, i am tired and it's really windy. but i don't even care because today is now over and it is officially...

6 days until blake gets here.