Monday, November 2, 2009


things are coming along.. but i must say.. HOLY CRAP! sometimes i think my head is gunna 'splode. school, planning a wedding, and getting BYU visas and things in order is quite enough for me, thank you. but i know it's all worth it. because blake watson richards, you are the love of my life! and I can't wait to be your wifey!

here are a few of the photos from recently. the ring! blakey birthday boy, and the future mr and mrs richards. life is good!


karly said...

jess! your life is always a gong show!
the ring is perfect!

Jess N Josh Brown said...

I love you two! So cute! Let me know if I can help with anything! It's all going to happen quick!

Meagan said...

I love your ring! Its beautiful! ... Send an invite to: 4699 N. Porsche Way Boise, ID 83713 :)