Sunday, June 7, 2009


I had a vundabar birthday! Thanks everyone!

It started off with some delicious breakfast at Goldy's downtown with Richard, and some walking through the local market. After some eggs, maple sausage, potatoes and an english muffin, we headed to the Record Exchange, where I bought my second vinyl... Billy Joel, Piano Man!
Then back home where me and Kara soon left and went and got... pedicures! Nothing more mature and lady-like than a pedicure right?! That's what I said. A few errands and a DQ dipped cone later, we were back home just in time for me to shower and get ready for my not-so-surprise party.
On Friday, after I got home from work, Tim says something to me along the lines of "Do me a favor, since I'm gunna be up till three in the morning making this pulled pork for your party.." uuuuh.. what? But anyways, so I found out. The point is Blake tried to surprise me. He's so sweet.
So at 6:00 the Cole, Richards, Stone and Dudley families gathered for some delicious food! Pulled pork, tri-tip steak, watermelon, buns, coleslaw, pasta salad, and of course, Dairy Queen ice cream cake! It was delish.
And Blake got me a fishing rod! He is the bomb. and Kara got me some awesome gumboots, so I can trudge around in the muck when I'm fishing. Movie tickets and a Sonic gift card will also help me and Blake have one (or many) wonderful evenings, while I'm smelling great with new lotion.
The day successfully ended with some lightning watching and Donny nearly getting stuck in the mud. It was a good day. I have a great birthday because when I fill out forms for anything, I don't even have to look at which is the month and which is the day, because they are the SAME! So I just slap down 06 anywhere I please. It's awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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