Monday, July 20, 2009

better things to do than blog

So I've sort of stopped blogging. It's not a priority anymore (like it was before..?) So I'll just leave you with that and go on with this post, which has absolutely no rhyme or reason.

1. I love Waterton. I'm sure if you read Amy's blog you will find out all about the entirety of the trip. One detail she failed to mention is that we had a special visitor.. BLAKEY POO!! I am so glad he came. We fished, saw bears, and he jumped off cliffs (I think I am afraid of heights? Vimy scared me being up so high. It's a freaking long way down!). Also, Blake's brother Hayden came up too.. one last hoorah before he goes to college and the mish.

the red rock hot tub. ya, NOT.
this is Blake, being SABERTOOTH without even knowing it... so fierce and manly. (I love wolverine.)

so after Blake went home (sad.) there took pace a little Vegas House reunion. and it just so happened to be in the bathroom at Nate's reception. Classy ladies.
I miss those days... but the current days are awesome! it was great to see jane and karl and ash all in the same place at the same time.

then.. i hiked the summit. with some of the best company around. and might i add that i am grateful for the NOT ridiculous pace that was set and the time that was allotted for fishing!!!! I recently have found true love in fishing, thanks to Rich. my fishing rod has now caught at least 6 fish, and I have taken the responsibility of gutting my fish (two now.) AND the last one I even put out of his misery myself.. which was a little much for me.. but us humans gotta eat, right?and ever since then, as an unemployed adult, I have been doing whatever I can to not go flipping crazy! I am just counting down the days (NINETEEN!) until Grandma D, Mom and me roadtrip to Boise to see my lovely blake. I am definitely enjoying our above-ground pool and spent 2 hours on saturday jumping from the trampoline into the pool. also, going on runs with Lucy and Sage are great and I busted out the ol' paint-by-numbers yesterday.
NOTE: today I watched Dances with Wolves. It was so sweet.
and all this hiking, fishing, being in the mountains has made me SO excited to start school in september. Environmental Science. YES. my classes include: plant taxonomy, soil research, physical geology, terrestrial ecology, scientific and technical writing, and... BOOOOO... stats! already having to take stats ONCE in hawaii, I know i am in for a tough semester. But i am so excited to be learning again and actually using this mushy grey intestine-looking thing in my head.

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