Friday, August 7, 2009

almost there...

In the morning I am leaving for Boise. EEK! I am so excited to see Blakey-poo. I'm staying for three weeks. And I'm gunna go rafting, and go to Merrits, and to see Xavier RUDD! I can't wait! Xav is amazing! and so is BLAKE!

I thought I would post some photos from our little family vacation to Lundbreck Falls. I wish I was still ten and that everyone could come on family vacations and that technology wasn't so available EVERYWHERE you go. I don't care how convenient cell phones in Waterton are... I wish there was no service there! I guess what I am trying to say is... I would like to take off into the woods one day. Like on Into The Wild. HA okay no not at all like that. you get it though right?
wow, good thing I take pictures of people... ha. I love that cloud picture. I love Mother Earth.

Next on my vacation list is Waterton- August Long. Camping with the Heggie fam. Very much fun. My first time ever hiking to Bertha Bay. and WHY?! It's an awesome place. Jumping off the dock was awesome. The length is awesome, just a 45 minutes jaunt. Even when you got a baby on your back, it's still awesome. And after a hot hot hot hike, the cold cold cold water is awesome. and Tina and my's (correct grammer?) photoshoot, we were feeling pretty awesome... unfortunately I can't post those. and Tina has all the other good pictures from this hike. Dang it.

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How are we supposed to party now huh??