Thursday, August 20, 2009

idaho and 3 goals

so far my Boise trip has been just dandy. a couple awesome rafting trips, some helping out via babysitting (i think i won't have kids for ten more years.), and just hanging with blake. i haven't taken any pictures so don't expect any. it's hot today, and I'm coming home in a week, and I am excited.
i have made a goal or two. if i blog maybe i will actually do them.

1. learn 'don't stop me now' by Queen on piano. (never heard it? that's a sad sad life my friend..) I've got the sheet music and man is it way more advanced than my skill level! practice practice practice i suppose.
2. I am going to go to church in my own singles ward every week.. for all three hours too! AND go to institute.
3. I am going to run/work out AT LEAST three times a week. don't wanna get to crazy and tell myself i'll do five days a week when i know i won't. so three it is.

now sit down and enjoy this freaking video! I'm going to the record company to buy me a Queen vinyl!

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Zacko said...

Haha. This song was in Shaun of the Dead, a zombie-spoof movie. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Mind the language though!