Wednesday, November 25, 2009

L is G

I am grateful and happy and wanted to share this with you.

-My wedding dress is in my possession! as well as my veil. I couldn't be happier.
-Blake will be here in 15 days for the reception. After that, only 14 days until I see him again. And then 5 days until we wed!
-I saw twilight opening night. Better than the first, and I am definitely on Team Jacob. None of this scrawny pale neck-biter stuff.
-I am in DESPERATE need of some new music. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
-I am really excited for snow and skiing.
-Me and Blake registered for classes. We are taking American Foundations, Science Foundations, and Doctrine and Covenants together.
-Neither of us have school on fridays! and he doesn't have school on Wednesdays.
-I'm taking a skiing class...?
-I'm going through the temple in 2 weeks.
-My parents are taking my whole family to HAWAII for a week in Febrauary!
-School is 2.5 weeks away from being over.
-I'm in love and blessed and love every single day!


Al said...

dude, so happy for you. Congrats on life, good luck!

Tina Heggie said...