Saturday, December 5, 2009

2 posts in one day... i must have a paper due

geology lab final
ethics animal rights paper
plant taxonomy lab final
ethics combined chapter test
ethics final
final portfolio for english
portfolio of 10 ethical articles
english presentation
geology final
ethics final
plant taxonomy final

i am sick of football being on tv always.
i am sick of call of duty.
i am sick of blake living so far away.
i am just plain sick.

my room is never clean anymore.
my car never has gas in it.
my bank account never has money in it.

even though my life is this bad (what a joke. i am such a whiner.) blake makes it better. 100 percent. being engaged and 12 hours away from each other sucks the big one, let me tell you. our schedules are crazy and he works late nights and i have early morning classes, and its difficult to make time for each other. texting often leads to miscommunication and planning a wedding is a real B. i just miss him a lot and wish we were married. where's the 'joy in the journey'?! it is non existent people. that's how whiney I am. is that so wrong? can't I have a bad day? Can't I blog about my bad days? IS THAT SO WRONG?! someone get this drama queen a bowl of chocolate ice cream. one of the big bowls.


Tina Heggie said...

I will even make you chocolate cake to go with your ice cream. I don't know how you do long D so much. Props to you!

The Stones said...

SO GLAD TO FIND YOU!!! love your engagement pix. you two look amazing!